Critically Chatting Collective

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Nature tells us that if water stands long it corrupts; whereas running water keeps sweet and is fit for common use.” Gerrard Winstanley [1652] on the necessity of rotating and replacing regularly political representatives. If you like this approach, then you’ll like this website

The Collective was started up by a small group of people, who’ve been involved in youth and community work in England for up to thirty years. Presently over 70 folk come together from time to time, to argue the toss about ‘what on earth we think we’re doing?’ in the light of their commitment to radical social and political change. And, without doubt, arguing this corner has got tougher in recent times!The network is widening, with London events complemented by meetings in Wigan and Liverpool. So why don’t you join in. It looks fun, as well as needed. As they say….”an organised and critical opposition to the ‘generalised conformity’ suffocating so much practice is sorely needed”.

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