Grass roots message to world leaders?

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Perhaps a group of young people CAN change the world for the better? Here’s a story of acting local and thinking global, initiated by a NCIA supporter.

If you have just one minute to spare, you can help them…

Watch the 60-second clip at

If you agree with their message you can give them your vote by clicking on the 5th star below the video.

If they win, this will be screened at Copenhagen and seen all over the world.

They are calling for a period of world peace, during which trillion-dollar war budgets and manpower can be diverted into methods, such as the one they propose in the film, to sort out the combined global problems which they will otherwise inherit – eg food, energy & economic crisis and climate change – hence their slogan: “Stop global war-MING!”.

And if you want to find more, contact Greg Peachey at or visit

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