Just Wage

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Just Wage is a campaign for lowering income gaps through the use of fixed salary ratios, with a special eye on voluntary sector wages. And if ever such a campaign was needed, now’s the time. So NCIA has signed up and will be offering support where it can. Check their blog out and do the same http://justwage.blogspot.com/

They are asking employers, particularly social justice organisations such as charities and trades unions, to commit to the principle that the gap between the highest and lowest paid workers should be no more than 1:5. For example, if the Chief Executive is paid £100,000, the cleaner should be paid no less than £20,000 pro rata.

In 2010, two of the UK’s biggest trades unions, UNITE and UNISON will hold elections for the post of General Secretary – their most senior elected officer. Just Wage is asking the candidates in these elections to commit to:
1. a just wage within their organisations and
2. a campaign for just wage ratios in the sectors where the union organises (eg. nonprofit, public and private)
The campaign blog will keep track of the progress of the campaign, provide information about the reasons for the campaign and case studies of unjust pay gaps and salaries in the UK.

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