Academics stand up for independence

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Academics stand up for independence

We’re not the only ones saying mind your language when it comes to the ‘big society’ show. NCIA folks have been inspired by the academics who have protested at the inclusion of the party political term ‘big society’ in the funding agreement between the government and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

More than 40 members of the Peer Review College have now resigned and 4000 academics and counting have signed a petition to protest at the inclusion of ‘big society’ in the AHRC’s delivery plan.

In voluntary organisations and community groups, can we also refuse to brand ourselves with politicians’ words and intentions that damage our independence? Read our short leaflet on the ‘big society’ (or ‘big market’ as we like to call it).

If you want to support the academics’ campaign you can email the AHRC and say you support the protest at the use of the term ‘big society’.
and cc the Universities Minister, David Willetts, at

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