In Place of Austerity – putting the alternative argument

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Here’s a good read that elegantly puts together different pieces of the jigsaw – the state of the economy, private sector influences on it, the undermining of public services and the welfare state, and how we might come together to resist the plans that the neo-liberals have for us.

In Place of Austerity’ is written by Dexter Whitfield and comes from the European Services Strategy Unit. What distinguishes this book is that it spans the macro and the micro and focuses not just on the problems but on what might be done to turn back the tide. There are a lot of useful tips about how to deal with commissioning and there’s a chapter on the voluntary sector itself – Big Society Contracting. The need for trade unions to connect effectively with community and national coalitions is stressed. You can find out more, and order the book here from Spokesman Books –

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