Interviewing the real ‘big society’

Photo of Sarah LambSarah Lamb is a trustee of Adur Voluntary Action. She was one of the people who contributed to qualitative research in 2009 on The local state and voluntary action in West Sussex which showed the damage commissioning does. NCIA caught up with her to find out how things have been going over the last 18 … Continue reading

Delayed compact is definitely useless

The latest version of the compact – the bit of paper that reckons to set out a more equal relationship between voluntary organisations and the government – has now been put off indefinitely.

We’re not too worried as the compact continues to ignore the bulk of small scale voluntary action. Meanwhile the compact industry sucks … Continue reading

Chickens come home to roost

The Charity Commission has finally spotted what NCIA predicted at the beginning of the year, and long before –

“many charities will go bust because of their reliance on government contracts to deliver public services.”

Hard not to say “we told you so” to those who have tied themselves into  State agendas with little … Continue reading