Chickens come home to roost

The Charity Commission has finally spotted what NCIA predicted at the beginning of the year, and long before –

“many charities will go bust because of their reliance on government contracts to deliver public services.”

Hard not to say “we told you so” to those who have tied themselves into  State agendas with little … Continue reading

Learning from the Bad Guys

As a “lefty American” traversing the ground of the voluntary sector in the UK, I have often had a strange mixture of feelings:

  • a déjà vu experience of seeing very recognizable developments from the US in the 1990s being repeated here: at the behest of a governing party hewing to the perceived center (here the
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It’s time to get political

An Unservile Society – It’s time for the voluntary sector to get political

One analysis of the study of political history is that it boils down to understanding a certain equation: about power. How much power should the king have, how much the nobles, how much the courts, the Witan, Parliament, Government, local government, quangos, … Continue reading

Government hand washing guidance – the legacy of the CENs

“Community empowerment is local government’s core business”

Simon Milton (in DCLG’s 2007 Action Plan for Community Empowerment)

“Power is never given.”

Operation Black Vote organising slogan

One of the ironies of community empowerment networks (CEN’s) was that they couldn’t empower themselves, or more accurately save themselves from the crude dynamics of how power works at … Continue reading