Cats among pigeons at CSC

A few hackles seem to have been raised following an open meeting on 7 December 2010 to discuss the Big Society Show, convened by the Community Sector Coalition (CSC).

People at the meeting had the temerity to be openly critical of the government’s motives and intentions, and even discussed the need to resist them! About … Continue reading

The Third Sector as deliverers of services – overhyped, an idea whose time is done

As seasoned travellers on the highways and byways of community sector life, all of us are used to exercising a healthy scepticism in relation to rhetoric, which can often sound great, and delivery, which disappears down the memory hole.

Anyone remember the 2001 Neighbourhood Renewal Action Plan words about the Local Strategic Partnerships being a Continue reading

Government hand washing guidance – the legacy of the CENs

“Community empowerment is local government’s core business”

Simon Milton (in DCLG’s 2007 Action Plan for Community Empowerment)

“Power is never given.”

Operation Black Vote organising slogan

One of the ironies of community empowerment networks (CEN’s) was that they couldn’t empower themselves, or more accurately save themselves from the crude dynamics of how power works at … Continue reading