NCVO buys out its biggest critics

corruption 2NCVO is accused today of harming voluntary groups and the communities they serve. In a forensic examination of NCVO activities over the last decade or so, Les Huckfield shows how NCVO has made voluntary agencies subservient to Government policies and begging for crumbs from private corporations. As damaging to the reputation of NCVO is the … Continue reading

What does a CVS stand for and who with?

Picture of a signpost saying integrityCVSs are “adrift from the grassroots and they tend to be silent around issues such as welfare reform”. So says the Chief Executive of  Community Action Southwark. “There isn’t that voice. We have been seduced. The more fundamental questions aren’t being asked. That seduction is diminishing voluntary and community action.” And he’s not the … Continue reading

Volunteer Cornwall slams global corporations in letter to Margaret Hodge

volunteer-cornwallIan Jones, the Chief Executive of Volunteer Cornwall, has written to the Chair of the Commons Public Accounts Committee complaining that local services are being taken over by large corporations focussing on “profit, not people”. The letter advocates that outsourced public services providers should be restricted to small local businesses, charities and social enterprises that … Continue reading

London-centric ‘leaders’ let the sector down

les huckfieldIn hard hitting evidence to the Baring’s Panel on Independence, commentator Les Huckfield accused lambasted the “London-centric” ‘leaders’ of the voluntary sector. “Rather than protecting voluntary and community organisations from the effects of Government policies and supporting their independence from Government,” he said, “national Third Sector Organisations have assisted and supported Government initiatives to fashion … Continue reading

GOOD NEWS! – West Sussex localises CVS and Volunteer Centre support

Pic of clapping hands by Wowovr2 / wikimedia commonsBucking the trend towards mergers, acquisitions and single contracts to corporate predators, positive news is coming in from West Sussex, where fresh agreements between the local authorities and the County’s seven CVSs explicitly recognise the importance of locally accountable provision.

Several years ago, the County was a focus of an NCIA study into the effects … Continue reading

Anger grows as ‘sector leaders’ ingratiate themselves with the government – sign the letter ‘not in our name’

Sign the letter below and add your name to the growing discontent.

In a letter to Sajid Javid, economic secretary to the treasury, fourteen “leaders from the voluntary sector” have told the government that the sector “stands ready” to implement government plans to privatise public services, cut benefits and entitlements and encourage volunteering as a … Continue reading

We have ways of transforming you…..

Cartoon of a dalekThe winners and losers in the Transforming Local Infrastructure beauty contest have been announced. But is twisting yourself into a pretzel to please the government the best way to support local voluntary action? Here Adrian Barritt has a rant against the rise of the cyberstate….

Back in the 1970’s, the Cybermen with their sibilous metallic … Continue reading

Mad world, my masters: CVS says no to transforming local infrastructure

Adur Voluntary Action has opted out of bids for the transforming local infrastructure fund. Adrian Barritt explains the practical and philosophical concerns that led to the decision

What is infrastructure anyway?

To me, infrastructure used to mean something military, or the foundations of a building – until I studied social science. Then I learned that … Continue reading

Cats among pigeons at CSC

A few hackles seem to have been raised following an open meeting on 7 December 2010 to discuss the Big Society Show, convened by the Community Sector Coalition (CSC).

People at the meeting had the temerity to be openly critical of the government’s motives and intentions, and even discussed the need to resist them! About … Continue reading

Am I a waste of money?

A personal view from Charlotte Pell

Look into your brains and tell me if I am a waste of money.

The money that pays me comes from a national quango called ‘Capacity Builders’. But this isn’t one of those bad quangoes everyone talks about, this one doesn’t take money off you, it gives its money … Continue reading