Riots and reality

Thumbnail image of flamesFollowing the riots in the UK this week, many people in the voluntary and community sector are asking where we go from here. If you feel the need of thoughtful questions, messages of solidarity and some analysis of how we are thinking and talking about the riots, see the discussion ‘Wasn’t it inevitable’ on the … Continue reading

What’s Burma got to do with us?

Aung San Suu KyiPenny Waterhouse finds a connection with the struggle for democracy in Burma.
I was listening to Aung San Suu Kyi, the democratically elected leader of Burma, about the struggles in her country to be self-determining. And although Burma’s situation is very different to mine, here’s what she said which rang bells with me:
– being … Continue reading

Just wages – get your union to practice what they preach

Just Wage campaign calls on Unite members. In 2010, the UK’s biggest trades union UNITE will hold elections for the post of General Secretary – their most senior elected officer. Just Wage is asking the candidates in this election to commit to:
1. a just wage within their organisations and
2. support for a campaign … Continue reading

Changing the world – something for everyone

Whatever your place, temperament or interests here’s a fantastic list of all the things we can do, individually or together, which can have an effect on the status quo. From silence to boycotts, stalling to singing, letters and petitions, from prayer to skydiving and rude gestures – there’s something for everyone here. It’s from Gene … Continue reading

Democracy at Work – A True Story

Little Fish is a social justice organisation that supports vulnerable clients with acute needs while also campaigning on equality issues nationally. Earlier this year, Little Fish made a charity of the year-type arrangement with a commercial organisation, let’s call them Loan Sharks Ltd. Little Fish’s management were pleased to announce the sponsorship of Loan Sharks … Continue reading