Awards are not enough…

NCIAThe Joy of Sound (JOS) is an award-winning arts and music voluntary organisation in southLondon. It is rooted in and committed to grassroots volunteerism. But when it started complaining about local council care provision , awards didn’t get it very far……

William Longden founded The Joy of Sound in 2000 as a result of visiting … Continue reading

Good news or bad news – make up your own mind

We didn’t know where to put this on the website. It’s a story of all
the bad things that are going on which led to the Coalition. But it
also shows bravery and resilience in response to abuse of power. So
you’ll find this story under both good and bad news.

Advocacy in Darlington is

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Just say no

Whose tune are you singing to? The community’s or the funders?

Social Action for Health (SAfH) is a highly successful, long-established community development charity running a range of projects to “increase local people’s active participation in improving their own health and well-being, tackling barriers, finding solutions”. SAFH works in East and South East London with … Continue reading