How to survive resilience

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Read NCIA member Kevin Blowe’s blog on how a policy of community ‘resilience’ will stop people getting independent advice in Newham, east London.

Kevin writes: “Local advice agencies in Newham are launching a campaign, starting with a FaceBook page and online petition, to try and stop the destruction of advice work in the borough and the introduction of a bizarre new system that plans to ‘motivate’ people not to bother the council with their difficult problems.”

Read more on Kevin’s blog.

NCIA has been documenting the threats to independent advice services, which are an essential element of a democratic society. Read our summary report on independent action in the UK advice sector, based on research by NCIA and Advice UK in 2010.

We’ve got our eye on the ‘resilience’ models that are attempting to replace solidarity and assistance with cuts and punitive policies. Watch this space…

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