Big Society unravels

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Image by Dmitry Bogdanov / wikimedia commonsEver wondered where our money goes? The National  Audit Office has. So has Adur Voluntary Action, who are “mega pissed off” by the grim story painted by Radio 4’s analysis last night of the chaos that is the Big Society Network. “The receipt, and use, of funds by the Big Society Network’s associated projects…is a grim story for those of us active in our local voluntary sectors. A story of £2 million awarded to projects that achieved little. A story of inadequate evaluation by funders. A story of marketing hype over reality”. Also a story of silent voices from our “leadership bodies”. Some reflection is due, “AVA like many others is struggling to balance next year’s budget, working to build a good society locally, with the spectre of £2 million haunting the grids of our spreadsheets. Twenty years of funding.” Go grind your teeth.

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