Chickens come home to roost

The Charity Commission has finally spotted what NCIA predicted at the beginning of the year, and long before –

“many charities will go bust because of their reliance on government contracts to deliver public services.”

Hard not to say “we told you so” to those who have tied themselves into  State agendas with little … Continue reading

Privatised public services – A sign of the future


This is what treatment is like in an NHS hospital today
This is what happened to my sister in a semi-privatised, squeezed by New Labour and Margaret Thatcher, we’re so proud of our standard of excellence we are applying for Foundation Hospital status hospital
This is what happened to my sister, … Continue reading

That single issue thing …

This is the latest hare to have been set running by Government and the Commission on Integration and Cohesion. It’s a policy which encourages funders to cut money to groups working with marginalised peoples, particularly those from secular black and minority ethnic groups such as Southall Black Sisters – while at the same time encouraging … Continue reading

Critically Chatting Collective

Nature tells us that if water stands long it corrupts; whereas running water keeps sweet and is fit for common use.” Gerrard Winstanley [1652] on the necessity of rotating and replacing regularly political representatives. If you like this approach, then you’ll like this website

The Collective was started up by a small group of … Continue reading