If it works, break it……

Then there’s the tale about the innovative initiative which
supported local people to assist their communities to access health
services. It was done with such success that it was lauded by the local
Primary Care Trust and elsewhere, and who then asked for advice on how
to replicate this. And who then withdrew the money … Continue reading

Institutions of the Mind

Professionals of my vintage – my career started in the Beatles’ era – have lived and worked through some revolutionary changes in the lives of people with learning disabilities. We have gone a long way towards the abolition of isolated and isolating ‘institutional’ provision. We are all person centred. We protect peoples’ rights and safeguard … Continue reading

The Choice – speaking truth to power or keeping quiet

The Independent Theatre Council

ITC is a leading association for the performing arts, representing around 700 organisations across the UK from a wide range of performing arts organisations, venues and individuals in the fields of drama, dance, opera, music theatre, puppetry, mixed media, mime, physical theatre and circus.

Their slogan is,”good art thrives on good … Continue reading

Whatever it takes

In 2007, Positive Action in Housing (PAiH) organised a Sleepout in Glasgow’s George Square. The Sleepout was a symbolic action to highlight destitution amongst refused asylum seekers and the UK government’s policy of starving people out of this country to stop them claiming refuge. Every week PAiH gives out hundreds of pounds of money collected … Continue reading

Just say no

Whose tune are you singing to? The community’s or the funders?

Social Action for Health (SAfH) is a highly successful, long-established community development charity running a range of projects to “increase local people’s active participation in improving their own health and well-being, tackling barriers, finding solutions”. SAFH works in East and South East London with … Continue reading

Critically Chatting Collective

Nature tells us that if water stands long it corrupts; whereas running water keeps sweet and is fit for common use.” Gerrard Winstanley [1652] on the necessity of rotating and replacing regularly political representatives. If you like this approach, then you’ll like this website http://www.critically-chatting.0catch.com

The Collective was started up by a small group of … Continue reading